Karachi’s roads: Lack of planning and purpose

A lot of the roads in Karachi have been dug up. There is no doubt that this is all for good reasons, however a little better planning would avoid any need to digup these roads. I do not doubt the city planners and civil engineers intentions for one second (though there is good reason to because of the huge amount of taxpayers’ money going into rebuilding of roads), but I certainly do doubt their competence.

Roads are dug up for various reasons. At time roads are dug up purely for re-carpeting and repair. This is perfectly understandable. However, when they are dug up to put in new water, or electricity, or gas, or sewage pipes then it goes beyond reasonable. Civil engineers and city planners are paid to plan the city. Gravel, concrete, asphalt is what makes a road, but there is lot that needs to be taken care of before a road is made. All the pipes and drainage could be set up before a road is laid. As I said earlier, I don’t really doubt the intentions of those in charge. It’s just that it seems as if they forget to put everything in before building a road. It would probably make sense for someone at the city planners’ office to make a ‘checklist’ of things to be set up under a road, or above it, before it is built. This way we would not need to re-do a road just built because a pipe to a single house needs to be laid, or because the road lacks storm-water drainage. There would be no unnecessary wastage of resources and would lead to a lot less inconvenience to the citizens of the city.


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