Noori’s Meray Log: Disappointing Video

Noori’s new video Meray Log is out. You can view it here

It is a slow, soothing song with nice meaningful lyrics. What’s great about the lyrics, which is true for a lot of Noori songs, is that they can be interpreted in many different ways. However, amazingly, more often than not, Noori adopts the most simplistic meaning for its videos. This could mean that at times I give them too much credit for something which they never intended. Either that, or that they do not consider the Pakistani audience to be able to understand the depth in their songs. This video doesn’t really show anything apart from several unappealing and unnecessary closeups of people’s faces. Disappointing!


Meray Log

Meray yaar, meray dost
Meree kainaat mudhosh
Sab kho gayay hain kahaan?
Meray log…

Meray yaar, meray dost
Mera dhoondta dil behosh
Sab so gayay hain kaan?
Meray log…

Meray yaar, meray dost
Meree aarzoo khamosh
Kab jaag utthein gay sab?
Meray log…

Par jo aaj hai kal na ho
Chahay na dil yeh mera aaj jo bhi hai kal na ho
Bhoolo na bhoolo na meray yaar
Aitebaar hai uss paar
Tum badlo!
Badlein dil!
Badlein log!

Meray yaar, meray dost
Meree bandagee pe hai rog
Kab jaag utthein gay sab?
Meray log…

Meray yaar, meray dost
Ab doon mein kiss ko dosh?
Kyoon bhool gayay sab?
Meray log…

11 thoughts on “Noori’s Meray Log: Disappointing Video

  1. i just have a question/request, and if anyone can help i would be very grateful. i , myself , do not speak any language but English, but really like this song. I was wondering if you would happen to know a website with the lyrics translated or maybe can give me an idea of what the song is about. thank you so much! please respond to my email address:

    thanks again,



  2. I beg to disagree!
    Kyun bhool gaye sab mere log.. very well defines how we have managed to forget about the less fortunate around us. The close-ups highlight their patience. Regardless of the conditions they live in, life goes on, in quest of a more considerate society, a better tomorrow.

  3. cheeema:

    This is exactly why I felt that this is disappointing video in its oversimplification of the lyrics. If the meaning of the song was as you describe it to be then this is not as disappointing a video as I made it out to be. However, I don’t think that was the intended meaning initially.

    Meray Log starts off sounding almost exactly like JanaTha Hum Ne from SKMHJ for the first 20 seconds; many suggest this is because it is a sequel. This is what I understood it to be. Otherwise it would not make sense to add the first 20 seconds, which the song could have done without unless Noori were trying to make a point.

    If this is so, it would make sense to say that this song talks of those who have moved away from home and abandoned their national roots.

    Also, it would be a fitting continuation to Jana Tha Hum Ne which questions our desire to leave Pakistan and go abroad. It talks about how we can achieve greats heights without needing to leave our country. Meray Log then calls out to all those who are abroad to come back home. Or, at least that’s what I understood.

  4. hi…i definately agree with what you’ve said..i didn’t like the song at first BECAUSE of the video..but one was playin on my laptop n i loved the i made an attempt to make my OWN video of this song…i’m postin the link over here…please watch it and let me know…understand it…please feel free to comment on it..thx 🙂

  5. Traslating Urdu poetry into English is difficult task because it is not easy to convey the exact emotions in any other language. The song is based in a Pakistani culture and i am unable to find very accurate words which can translate the words such that the emotions remain intact.

    Meray yaar, meray dost
    meray means “My”.. Yaar and dost are interchangable words used for “friend” the only difference is the intimacy to the relationship of friendship.. Yaar means a very close friend with whom you very comfortable in sharing your feelings while dost is simply an average friend.

    Meree kainaat mudhosh
    Meree also means “my” but used to describe feminine objects, persons.. Kainaat means “universe” and mudhosh is used to describe “subconscious” or “trance-like state”. The whole sentence means that the poet is assuming that everyone around him is subconscious… means that everyone seems so sad that the universe or everything which surrounds the self of the poet looks like if everyone is crying for someone.. everyone is hopeless and unable to recover from a tragedy.

    Sab kho gayay hain kahaan?
    Sab = Everyone
    Kho = Lost
    Gayay hain = has
    Kahan = where
    Simply = “Where has everyone has got lost”
    poet is question himself and us about where everyone has gone.. why can he find everyone .. in what turmoil that these neglected people suffering.. what tragedy has taken place.

    meray log…
    My Folks..
    The poet is remembering the happy faces of the people.. his countrymen, his folks.. who are no longer around him and he is feeling for their safety.. he is imagining the tragedies are they going through.. In other words he is really crying for them because he thinks that they are his countrymen, his folks, his people.

    I have painstakenly translated the emotions embedded in the first lines.. I hope someone can continue and explain this is a better way.. We really need to promote our language so that the world can understand that we are as human and cultured as anyone can be.

  6. i dont think its disappointing.

    look, as you said that the songs can be interpreted in several ways, the beauty of which is that people take from it something, and each, different.

    so the video does not have to have APPEALING people. i think.. and this is obviously my take on it, that as he talks about the people.. and people alone in all ways.. or in one. through the video he shows INDIVIDUALS. if they were more specific about what the song meant to THEM… then pprobably a lot of people to whom the song meant something completely different, would not have been able to relate to the video at all.

    so, like the song i think, noori was.. general.. yet.. peculiar-ish..

    however, i do think the video was kinda unpleasant considering.. the monotony? .. it became lame.

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