Pakistan Studies Curriculum: What about Bangladesh?

The government has made certain changes to the Pakistan Studies curriculum. I couldn’t agree more with the need for a certain action. As someone who has studied the subject I can honestly say that it was probably the most biased subject I have ever read. Many subjects have biases, especially those that have something to do with history, but Pakistan Studies taught me the concept of ‘us vs. them’. It left behind all kinds of rationality and tried to portray the Pakistanis (Muslims) and Indians (Hindus) as ‘good’ and ‘evil’. In a way the subject encouraged Pakistani youth to be emotional, irrational human beings with a distorted appreciation of events. The new curriculum ensures that all such material that promotes prejudice against the non-Muslims of prepartition India is exluded.

It might be advisable to add something on the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971. We are hardly told anything about what happened. Why not add that, according to most estimates, hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshi men were murdered and thousands of women raped? Maybe it is too early to expose our young minds to such bitter truths. However, it might not be too late to accept our actions and bring it out in the open. Lets accept what is in the Hamoorur Rahman report. Most people, educated people, in Pakistan still don’t know or admit that Pakistan committed such atrocities in 1971. Lets admit to those facts and apologize to the Bangladeshi people for what we’ve done. If one is to read the facts and figures of what we did, one can only imagine hatred in the minds of every Bangladeshi for people of Pakistan. Its never too late.


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