Movie Review: Infinite Justice – Jamil Dehlavi

Jamil Dehlavi is the man who made Immaculate Conception and Jinnah. He now tackles the very ‘hot’ topic of terrorism in his latest film Infinite Justice (Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan was initially called Infinite Justice), which was recently shown at the Kara Film Festival. I made my way down because the movie had been advertised as being losely based on Daniel Pearl’s story. Therefore it was ironic that the director of the festival, Hassan Zaidi, made an annoucement before the start that they had never claimed the movie to be about Daniel Pearl. This was because the producer of the actual Daniel Pearl movie i.e. Brad Pitt et al threatened to sue the Festival and the producers of this movie as they posessed the rights to the real story.

Though the film turned out to be factually similar to Daniel Pearl’s story, it was trying to tell a completely different story. Mr Dehlavi tries to put forth his theory about how an international terrorist network works. He also ends it with a certain amount of fiction, or so it seemed, in an attempt to explain the barbaric killings of many journalists by resistance forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, which might well be true. Obviously, this killing was of an American journalist in Pakistan.

The movie works on many levels. There is hardly any dull moment and it would be a real shame if there was considering the interesting subject. Its well-acted, well-directed and above all well-researched and put together making it thoroughly enjoyable. However, towards the end the film does lose a bit of its steam and the director seems to put in a mish-mash of everything which makes it a bit unbelievable. Nevetheless, a must watch!


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