Time’s Person of the Year: Ali Khurshid

Ali Khurshid, a student at Indus Valley, has been chosen as one of Time magazine’s 15 ‘Persons of the Year’.

I guess this is part of Time’s ‘You’ Person of the Year theme this year. They have selected 15 people from all walks of life who have contributed to the online community. It really is something to be proud of that one of the 15 is a Pakistani, but I really find this to be an absurd idea. The Person of the Year is given to a person, idea, place or machine that has the greatest affect on the world in any given year then why would Time award this to the entire world? Change is constant so why would they award change? There is no doubt that in the last couple of years user created content has really revolutionized the internet in the way people interact and learn about things. However, Person of the Year is for someone or something special that has had the greatest impact on the world. What is so special about blogs, online videos, and online communities that warrants a Person of the Year award? It is the direction the world is moving in. Yes, in the past there have been awards to the ‘Computer’ and the ‘American Fighting-man’, but those awarded were still limited in scope. At least one could pin-point the ones who had won and the ones who hadn’t. This year, technically, everyone’s won it and visibly no one has. Time has blundere with this award in the past, but they can’t possibly be this silly about it.

In short, I agree with the conspiracy theorists who say that the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad was chosen, then revoked due to political pressure, eventually published as 2nd place.


18 thoughts on “Time’s Person of the Year: Ali Khurshid

  1. This Ali Khurshid is probably just another Indus Valley fag whose father has some connections in Time..What a shame this gay shit gets to represent Pakistan…shows where Pakistan is going..

  2. Ok…tht wasn’t me so whoever this umair waheed from JPMORGAN is shud stop…and as far as ali khurshid goes…honestly his pics are jst alrite…i am bewildered as to how he could be recognized by TIME for so sad an achievement…

  3. I’m sorry guys, I shouldn’t have been such a loser earlier. I am different and I try to hide it by badmouthing gay people so that I end up sounding all hetro. Can’t help it if I don’t. And another confession: I’ve always had a crush on Ali K. It’s just that he’s straight and committed with a hot chick and that just drives me nuts..I hate you Ali K.

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  6. For a second everything went quiet in the cab, then the driver said, “Look mate, don’t ever do that again. You scared the daylights out of me!”

  7. WAHEED: HIS PICTURES ARE “JUST ALRIGHT”. have you ever looked at his work, hes one of the most sought after photogra[hers across the world at an age most of us are wacthing porn.

    we should be proud he got selected, the reason why is because this guy is literally a kid and yet has done more than photograpphers achieve in 20 years. He used the internet to stomp over them all…hes a pakistani asset. selling pictures from pakistan OF pakistan.
    Our art, coulour, culture is out there cause of him

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