Progress…The Way Forward?

Ah! Much has been said about the vast degrees of progress we have made in the past decade or so…the country has indeed inched forward…the path to success has been laid…ladies and gentleman we are now on the yellow-brick road…

If you doubt it…just take a look around you. Yes we’ve achieved steady growth rates of between 6-8% in our GDP for the past three years…the banking and financial sector is flourishing…look around at all the cars…traffic is at its peak cuz everybody is doing well-they have their own cars….and whats that…a plethora of imported sports cars…hmmm we must have really hit the jackpot!!!

But wait a sec…what’s that I spot out of the corner of my eye…an advertisement in the local Dawn newspaper…what does it say….

Situation Vacant

Wait a sec chum…we were so busy blowing the progress horn we forgot all about one simple detail… “The Pakistani Mentality!!!!”

Yes you read right…the Pakistani mentality. We have forgotten to bring progress to the Pakistani mentality. I mean what the hell is this an ad for- a secretary or a friggin prostitute??!

In promoting our country to the West and truly opening our society to their morals and ideas (ala risqué fashion shows, alcohol shop licenses, red carpet culture, etc) we have further fuelled the frustration of the average Pakistani male who cant get into the scene…but merely ogles at the girls we are with much to our displeasure. And heaven forbid that Dawn would use its social responsibility and not print such a disgraceful portrayal of how far back we really are…

We have strikes being called left, right and center over women’s rights and a fair bit of hullabaloo over the Women’s Protection Act but none of these measures can cure the sickness within the Pakistani male and the perverted disease which hinders him from achieving his true potential.

The Islamic republic plays host to mujras and psychotic cross-dressing Ali Saleem’s claiming enlightened moderation…all the while refusing to accept the fact that we as a nation are sick in the head…and sadly after 59 years of independence are still struggling for an identity…this is not what the Quaid dreamed of…this is now what innocent families were slaughtered for …this is not what Pakistan stands for…

Pakistan is not an ideology…Islam is not an ideology…It is the truth…It is our identity …and sadly we are being fooled and coerced by the rich and the elite to slowly let go so they can lead us towards “Progress”…


3 thoughts on “Progress…The Way Forward?

  1. actually. what you’ve pointed out is quite apt. women are treated like cow shit, literally. but that has no correlation to the mujras or ali salim’s cross-dressing or the sports cars. because you see, even back in the day when media influences weren’t as strong as they are today, men still stood around and shamelessly scratched their crotches while staring at women.

    as for progression, it’s really two-fold. it’s economic and it’s social. and it is a well known fact, as you’ve pointed out, that the social fabric of the pakistani society is headed nowhere but for disaster. because even with all that fuss of the Women’s Protection Act [which even in a small way, is sort of a step forward] the basic mentality of the average pakistani is not changing. because the government is not channelling its budget in the way of education. it is doing nothing to broaden the horizons of its people.

    and in all honesty, even being a rather staunch feminist, i believe that men aren’t the only ones to be blamed. it’s the mentality of the women as well who are so fatalistic, and comfortably nestled in their little cocoons, as scathing as they may be.

    but yes, i would assume dawn to take on more responsibility. it’s a pity, really.

  2. That is quite a terrible ad, and I too wish that Dawn had shown a little more responsibility when publishing it.

    To respond to the end of the post: “Pakistan is not an ideology…Islam is not an ideology…It is the truth…It is our identity …and sadly we are being fooled and coerced by the rich and the elite to slowly let go so they can lead us towards “Progress”…”

    I didn’t really understand what relevance Islam being “the truth” or not has with this magazine ad. In fact, one could easily make the argument that it is religious fundamentalists, rather than the “rich and the elite”, who can be held more directly accountable for the terrible state of women’s rights (and consequent “perverted disease”) in the country. I mean, look at the stigma attached with, and the terrible “Islamic” laws dealing with, rape in Pakistan. I’ve yet to hear a strong public condemnation of these laws from within the mainstream “Islamic” community in Pakistan (particularly from notable males). If such blatant prejudice in ingrained in the system of laws we hold sacred, how can we expect make progress at any level?

    I think that, in the long term, measures like the Women’s Protection Act, if implemented effieciently, do hold a solution in that they will hopefully change the mindsets of people who now see an obvious prejeduce against women upheld and respected in the conutry’s judicial system. Simply attributing the mindset of the average Pakistani male to a “perverted disease” and preaching a greater adherance to Islam (“the truth”) will not get us anywhere, if we’re not willing to take a firm stand against the biased laws being upheld in the name of the “the truth”. I’m sure the “rich and the elite” do contribute to the problem, but I don’t believe their contribution is half as much as some of the things I’ve mentioned above.

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