(A few reasons why) YOU are the Pakistani of the year

YOU are the Pakistani of the Year
Carrying forward TIME’s person of the year theme for this year, I thought it would be a good idea to make YOU, the PAKISTANI, our Pakistani of the year. Here are just a few reasons why YOU are the Pakistani of the year.

1. You own three cars but complain about the growing traffic problem
2. You are a VJ on one of the numerous new music channels
3. You have visited a mehndi with professional mujra dancers
4. The road in front of your house is not dug up
5. You swam the underpass
6. You haven’t missed your daily coffee at Espresso even once this year
7. You did not know that the Asian Games were held this year until you read this-that, and the fact that Pakistan won only one medal
8. You were able to follow all your favourite Indian drama serials even though the channels are banned
9. You were able to live a civilized life without electricity for more than 72 hours
10.Your were able to enjoy three Eids this ramzan (Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta)
11.You were one of 10 people to like Musharraf’s book (the others? No, not his family. The 9 corp commanders).
12.You finally understood the meaning of ‘Enlightened Moderation’. Whaaa?
13.You went to Club Night on the night before Eid
14.You’ve visited MicroPakistan


6 thoughts on “(A few reasons why) YOU are the Pakistani of the year

  1. You go to your usual cafes with your friends but when you notice that there aren’t many people there, you announce in a loud voice that you’re going to a much cooler place.

  2. You used your callmate wonder-card to call Chacha in Birmingham, Mamoo in Toronto and Phupps in States every day this year to remind them to please-bring-you a variety of gifts for Eid only to discover their bags didn’t arrive at Jinnah International. Hence they attended Tukku’s Mehndi in sneakers and a jumper.

  3. You were one of the 250 passengers who took the Gulf Dream Cruise on her maiden voyage from Karachi to Dubai on November 7th 2006.

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