Pictorial: Karachi-City of Lakes

The torrential rains in the summer left us some beautiful adjustments in our surroundings. Everybody has heard about the flooded underpass…but I am talking about a most breathtaking sight.

The monsoon rains followed by the winter downpour we had in December has helped transform Karachi into the city of Lakes. Think I’m exaggerating? Take a look at this:

Click here

The beauty really is a sight for sore-eyes. What is most miraculous is that these lakes have developed right in the middle of thriving residential areas. Empty plots existed where these beautiful lakes now stand. A make-shift canal has also been constructed by the authorities to facilitate these lakes as can be seen from the picture above. This by the way is the Lake Saba Avenue and is located smack in the middle of Defense Housing area. This picture was taken hardly by me hardly ten days ago and believe me, its still the same.

Particularly refreshing is observing the wildlife at the lakes during sun-rise. Wide varieties of birds visit the lakes in the morning and add to the splendor of this gift from nature. Authorities are so pleased by this self-beautification that they do not want to make any efforts to get rid of the lakes.

However, they may soon have to take action as irate residents are complaining that they fear water-logging and seepage in their own houses due to the lakes. Furthermore still water may give rise to diseases and insects. Oh…and most important, they now do not have any space to dump their trash!!!

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