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Miss Pakistan WorldI came across this website recently. Have a look at it yourself. Apparently, it is the first Pakistani beauty pageant and has been founded by the group that also started Miss Canada Pakistan. During my time in the UK I have discovered that the British Pakistanis are mostly much more conservative than the Pakistanis back home. A major reason for that may be that a lot of them came from Pakistan as workers and have held on to their traditional values, religious and cultural. I don’t think that is the case with North Americans Pakistanis and a lot of them are professionals who came from Pakistan for education or work. The point I am trying to make is that even though it is an accomplishment for such a thing to start, I feel its easier for those Pakistanis in Canada and the US then for those in the UK, or for that matter Pakistan, where religion and culture still play a huge role and women in bikinis are not acceptable publicly. Things might be changing though with all the new channels coming up in Pakistan, but in my opinion it had to be Canada or the USA where such a thing would start.

Also, I really do not understand the point of these pageants. Women show off their bodies to sell these shows. Don’t give me this crap about ‘appreciation of beauty’. Plus, I really don’t see how this helps people. Yes, I am sure it raises money for charity, but how much of that is spent on making these pageants as lavish as possible is debatable. It also makes 99% of the women all over the world quite insecure about themselves as is becoming visible now and ‘stick thin’ models are being banned. There was a time when I used to watch these shows, but if you want to nitt-pick you can find flaws in all the women that participate. On the other hand you can find the girl next door flawless. Beauty certainly does lie in the eye of the beholder. All anyone needs is a compliment, not a crown and thousands of dollars in order to feel beautiful.

Since all Miss Pakistan World’s have Pakistan in their title I guess technically they’re representing Pakistan and so good luck to them!

45 thoughts on “Miss Pakistan World

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  2. I think it’s a naked exploitation of women folk. The west is exploiting the females on the name of feminism and freedom and using them as showpieces. Being female is, i think, more than parading before a crowd in a bikni.

  3. Hey if you do not want to see pakistani women as miss universe or miss beauty queen why not you fuck your self……who the hell are you sitting and judging what is right and what is wrong….it takes perfect beauty, posture, mannerism, education, and much more to win those contest. why not you ass home as well stop body building contest? why not…….

  4. this is about time that pakistani people come out from the radical muslims society who are good for nothing but to oppress women and keep them as sex objects hidden in tents…..why should not Pakistani women be among the most beautiful women?????? are not they beautiful? but you are anti Paksitan and you donot want paksitani people to be seen among the best of best?????????

    • if you are a real muslim, which I have doubt?…you must be knowing what our Phrophet daughter (Bibi Fatima (s.a))said about Women…that the best place of women is home best cloths for her is Hijab.

  5. my only object to see her in bikini is that she needs to loose some weight….get more skinnier and beat the hell out to other contest…

  6. thank you beautiful women, I love your remarks. Only people are so stupid to realize what they are saying. Pakistan has actresses, stars, movies, models, singers, hookers, good bad, modern, old fashion, outgoing, women, so why cannot they exercise their rights in western countries? These so called Muslims are just a tool of anti muslim people to keep muslims people down…. Pakistnai women are beautiful and they have every right to compete in any competition they desire..People who do not like it they shall not participate….simple.. I am very very proud of Miss Mariyaham..

    • Mr. Shahin I am really sorry to hear your remarks…everybody has do die one day and we have to reply our deeds…if we cannot stop any one atleast don’t encourage them…may be God will forgive us……this is not your fault…Everybody who lives in western their thought are same like them…..

  7. my older sister went for this pageant and was the 2nd runner up but she did not expose herself lyk the some of the other girls and refused to wear a bikini as it is nt in our religion to show ur body off lyk that.

  8. actually my friend did it and its not about smarts at all…just body and sex appeal…and i heard they treated the girls like crap and made them feel really bad about themselves. my friend didn’t get any place and they dont even care about her.

  9. Parading your beauty is against Islam.Women are expected to be modest with their looks. Another thing against Islam is to make other women feel jealous of your beauty. However, if a woman enters a beauty pageant and chooses to show her figure,part of her body etc than thats entirely her choice. And if shes a runner up or wins good for her,its still an acheivement!

  10. inferiority complex can lead to such king of personalities.
    but i think these girls should not mention herselves as pakistani becoz its not our culture and religion.

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  12. Paki girls looks sexy in bikini why dont these whores show her self in lingerie wid showing their fat tummy and ass then wear burqa all cock sucker whores fuck

  13. hi guys i m frm india.i want to say if u gotta prblm wth dat wy u open these type of sites?this is shamless,pathetic.peoples become conservative when they see others but when they do smtihng pathetic they forget islam.wats dis?so pl improve first urself.asian contreis r like monkey b/c they copy europian culture.either its pak or india.

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  17. all those who say that she is showing true culture of PAKISTAN, thn please insted of spoiling other peopl snd ur mother n sister for such contests, so every 1 should look at them n write dirty comments

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