Golf Anyone?

It’s a cold, dark night. The leaves outside my window are rustling as the cool winter breeze whispers through their branches. I sit alone in my room, wondering how Karachi got so cold this year. The coastal city rarely experiences such cold waves. Whatever cold we do get is quickly dissipated by the warmer coastal breezes and beautiful sunshine. But it has stuck around for a considerably long time this year. As I ponder the various causes, Al Gore and his global warming documentary come to mind.

Midway through my train of thought I also begin to wonder why it is a cold, “dark” night…I mean it’s the middle of winter-so WHY THE HELL AM I EXPERIENCING LOAD-SHEDDING???!!

Load-shedding; the plague of a Pakistani summer. And it actually makes some sort of sense in the summers-you know, everybody switches on their a/c’s, it’s the holidays so you can expect a lot more electricity consuming activities in the numerous households consisting of teenagers, not enough water in the dams etc. But where the hell is all the electricity going in the winter?

Frustrated, I decide to go out for a drive. Cruising the glorious road that is Ittehad, I find that this particular area does have electricity-Great! Once again, it feels like my residential area is the only one being subjected to the torture of load-shedding. As I drive past the Defense Creek Club, I spot something in the distance…Whoa! What is that?! This shining beacon…The glow of a thousand lights…I must find out…

As I drive closer, it suddenly dawns upon me as to why our glorious city is experiencing an electricity shortage. It’s not that we don’t have enough; it’s just that it’s being used up by the wrong people!

As I held up my hand to shield myself from the glare which confronted me, I realized that I was approaching none other than….The DHA Golf Club!!!

Click thumbnail for full picture

As can be seen from the above picture, this golf club is sucking up valuable Kilo-Watts of electricity, all in the name of fun for a few. The concept of night-golf was much appreciated by all those who could actually afford a membership, while the rest of the general public basically didn’t care. Though it is restricted to the weekends only I still must question the wisdom as there are over 14 poles of approximately 6 lights each visible in the picture (that comes to 84 lights) and that is only a fraction of the number of poles I witnessed on that extremely bright night (as opposed to the dark one I had at home).

My sources tell me that the Golf Club does not generate this electricity itself- i.e. they are depending on KESC to supply them with enough electricity to keep this racket going. I have no issues with night golf- but don’t encroach on the rights of the hard-working, tax-paying public for the pleasure of a few social butterflies. The retired army generals and new-found glory elite upstarts are not pushed, as they can usually afford a generator for their mansions. Once again it’s either the common man or the middle class who get stomped upon- just because they are not fortunate enough to be rich…yet another glaring indication as to the moral, political, and ethical structure within our country. When will we learn?

The sad answer is that we will never learn until we have to personally experience what we continue to ignore. The only response I can expect is “Golf Anyone?!”


2 thoughts on “Golf Anyone?

  1. Hey i just thought i’d let u know that justice has in fact been served recently.

    I got hold of a Golf lub employee recently and he told me that the KESC recently cut off the supply of electricity to the Golf Club and they are now forced to generate their own electricity.

    Furthermore he was able to confirm that their are almost 1300 lights in place on the Golf Course as there 18 holes and 12 poles on each course, each with 6 lights. So until KESC had the sense to cut them off, they were conveniently sucking up the juice…But atleast that’s one problem that has been solved.

  2. Great! That’s nice to know. I mean it would be great if KESC would be able to provide electricity for such projects, but only if it is able to provide the residents of the city with their basic electricity needs. If that is not possible then it would be best to cut off the supply to these places till production is increased. It really won’t hurt anyone to play golf in the day. However, I feel that it is great addition to the city to have a floodlit golf course. Golf is becoming quite popular amongst the city’s elite, however we must also focus on sports that the poor people cannot afford. How about more football stadiums? or Cricket pitches?

    One thing I noticed while landing into London at night this time was the number stadiums that were visible. It is littered with small and large stadiums. I think having sports grounds is as important as parks and we must do something to develop these.

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