“….f***in’ animals, bunch of hyenas, go back to the zoo, it’s not pakistan this”

Seemingly, these words appear to be those of an uncouth, imbalanced and racist individual but no, they were spoken by none other than the cricketing pride and joy of South africa, a self admitted match fixer. I am talking about Hansi Cronje’s partner in crime Mr. Herschelle Herman Gibbs. Is it not ironical that a man at the lowest ebb of human conduct and morality is accusing over zealous spectators of animal-like behaviour? Keeping in mind that this exuberant behaviour is perhaps what provides one facet of cricketing entertainment, it hardly warranted such a reaction. A professional sportsman , an icon of sorts,  resorting to frequent punctuations of profanity with racist undertones to convey his sentiments; It’s Shameful. I would’ve thought that as a nation, we would’ve responded with a vehement call to bar Herschelle Gibbs from playing test cricket in pakistan at the least. The fault is mine, it slipped my mind that we are a passive collective. He would’ve had to say the above personally to our mothers or perhaps our wives, maybe then we would wake up .      

3 thoughts on ““….f***in’ animals, bunch of hyenas, go back to the zoo, it’s not pakistan this”

  1. I’m not sure if the last line is “it’s not pakistan this”. Sounds more like “f***ing pakistani” to me but I might be wrong.

  2. You really have to put your ear to the speaker to the hear the last line. Initially it sounds like ‘f***ing pakistanis’, but if you listen to it carefully you realise its ‘not f***ing pakistan, this’.

    Also, all the newspapers in the UK reported it as ‘not f***ing pakistan this’ so I am guessing maybe they asked Gibbs what he said.

  3. I agree that it is disgraceful of Gibbs to say all this. However, I guess Pakistan Cricket Board should first wait for the inquiry to do their business and then put forward their case. I think racism in any shape or form has to be condemned. There can be no justification for what Gibbs said and he should be held accountable for his vile remarks.

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