New top level domains: and

We have now registered two top level domains, and Hence, from now on you can use both these addresses to access the blog.

It has come to our attention that has been banned in Pakistan and that means that the blog cannot be accessed from Pakistan. Once we are able to get a hosting provider to put our blog on it should be freely accessible, but till then there are certain websites that can be used to get around this problem. Now, logically speaking people from Pakistan would not be able to see this post as they have no access to this website so if you know anyone who has not been able to get to the blog please direct them to the following websites.


Here they can access the blog by using proxies. If anyone knows of a better way to go around this stupid ban then please let us know. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “New top level domains: and

  1. That is what I read on some website forums and blogs. A couple of friends of mine told me the same so I took their word for it. If there isn’t one, I am glad.

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